Saluting the Forgotten Genders This Pride Month

Truly June is a magical month…

pride month genders

June is the one month of the year when members of the alphabet soup that has become the LGBTQTPXYZ community come together to celebrate…well, themselves. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trannys, etc. the world over gather together to parade down the streets while shoving their sexuality in the faces of the common folk. Because if you’re going to pretend that admitting your gay is as earth-shattering today as it was in the 1950s you may as well spend a full month doing it.

pride month genders parade
We’re here, we’re queer…but does anyone care?

Truly June is a magical month for all members of the LGBT community…but what about the forgotten genders? Leftism teaches us that there are as many genders as their are grains of sand on the beach, or stars in the sky.

pride month genders willie
Or roaches in Willie Nelson’s trailer…

Why are these genders not honored during pride month? Surely they deserve the same consideration as the primary genders? Well fear not! One enterprising young Twit took it upon ximself to remind everyone of each and every gender.

In the interest of fairness-and to fulfill diversity requirements mandated by the nation of Monaco in 1984-Sparta Report has collected these tweets, and will give equal time to each gender.

Let’s begin:

This seems odd at first, but it’s an understandable sentiment. Sometimes you just want your milkshake to bring all the boys to the yard without actually bringing them all to the yard.

Ah yes, the ghostboy. Just like Casper.

pride month genders ghostboy
He was never all there either. Not after the…accident…

pride month genders cute

Ah yes, the omnipotent, omnidirectional omnisexual.

Omnidirectional omnisexual.

That’s fun to say!

So…like a Pokemon?

pride month genders pikachu
Why…why is Pikachu dropping a deuce?


Well that’s just a woman.

Am I right guys?

pride month genders high five
Up top! …no? …okay…

Like when you identify as a black, transgendered six year old girl…but only on Friday nights from 5-7.


What the hell is an allo person?


pride month genders bender
Pictured: pendogender…

pride month genders faesari
Faesari, Parental Unit of Dragons…

My grandpa was half-binary. Does that make me a quarter-binary?

My grandpa was bisensual. Does that make me…oh never mind.

pride month genders scorpion

Wow…now I see Jim Carrey’s The Mask in a whole new light.

pride month genders burst

Oh come on. Now you’re just being deliberately ridiculous.

I’m sorry, you can’t just make up words and call it a gender. The world doesn’t work that way.

pride month genders works

I’m sorry, that was insensitive and intolerant. That is not what Pride month is all about.

Oh well. At least we’ve finally run out of genders.

I’m sorry, what?

There’s how many more???

By Dennis Miller’s beard…

pride month genders miller
Stay tuned for part 2…


Written by Radius

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