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President Trump Destroys CNN Reporter in Press Conference

President Donald Trump ridiculed a CNN reporter who asked a loaded question about his relationships with world leaders at the G7 Summit on Saturday.

Trump did not recognize the reporter who asked why his relationships with world leaders were so bad, and why he seemed more eager to meet with Kim Jong-un than United States allies.

“Who are you with out of curiosity?” Trump asked.

“CNN,” the reporter replied.

“I figured,” Trump scoffed. “Fake news CNN. The worst. I could tell by the question.”

Trump disputed that his relationships with American allies was contentious.

“The relationship that I’ve had is great,” he said, calling them “a ten.”

“You can tell that to your fake friends at CNN,” he concluded.

One reporter concluded the press conference, asking Trump why he attacked the press on foreign soil.

“The US press is very dishonest, much of it, not all of it,” Trump said.

Via Breitbart

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