Paul Ryan Talks Up Wages, Downplays Amnesty Petition

In a recent visit to the Kroger ice-cream company in Ohio, Ryan said, he saw how the company:

used the savings to hire more people, to raise wages, to improve benefits. Theyput new education benefits for lifelong learning for their employees and they increased their 401K match. These are the types of changes that help workers put food on the table, helps workers get better education to get ahead, and it help people feel more secure in their retirement. Why? Because employers are giving more benefits to employees, they’re hiring more people, they are more opportunities …  This result is what matters most. The purpose of all these policies is to improve people’s lives, is to build a stronger, healthier, more prosperous America.

Speaker Ryan: ‘This Economic Momentum-It Doesn’t Happen by Accident’

Uploaded by Speaker Paul Ryan on 2018-06-06.


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