Life Under the Rainbow Flag in Portland

Well, time again for another foray into #NeverTrumpland over at the Weakneed Standblurb.

It’s an ugly job, but that’s why I get paid the Big Bowls of Gruel.

So Kevin Williamson…

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OK, so Kevin Williamson has a purty good piece about How the Rainbow Flag Rules in Portland.

I will now present clips and snips so you don’t have to sully your fingertips by clicking.

Lettuce begin:

The world is full of stupid and angry people, and most of them live in Portland.

Women’s soccer player Jaelene Hinkle, a defender for the North Carolina Courage, was booed by angry Portland women’s soccer fans—and is there any other kind, really?—during a match against the Portland Thorns, after the local mutawwi learned via an interview with The 700 Club (which still exists!) that Hinkle had passed up an opportunity to play with the U.S. women’s team because she was not comfortable wearing a jersey celebrating (roll call!) Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer/Questioning (there is some dispute about what the Q stands for; some people insist on LGBTQQ just to cover the bases, but that seems like a lot of Qs, if you ask me) Pride Month.


The inconsolable rage of organized homosexuality is a little more difficult to appreciate. (Come on, guys—you won.)



Maybe Hinkle has some really interesting and well-developed position on the question of homosexuality; maybe she has only the banal and sentimental because-the-Bible-tells-me-so ideas that one might expect from a guest on The 700 Club. It really shouldn’t matter to the question of playing soccer, which is about another kind of scoring altogether.

But of course it must be made to matter. You will wear the jersey celebrating gay pride, or you will not play. Hinkle chose not to play. Fair enough. To her credit, she has not engaged in Colin Kaepernick-level grandstanding or done the usual thing and filed a lawsuit. She only declined to participate, to give her affirmation.

Yet that’s an unforgivable crime for our so-called liberals.


It is peculiar that gay people should be among the leaders in the kulturkampf for absolute social conformity, demanding that dissenting voices be silenced and that divergent views be punished as crimes. It wasn’t that long ago that a whisper of homosexuality was enough to end a career in business or in Hollywood, as in the so-called Lavender Scare that accompanied the Red one. The Left believes that it has the upper hand at the moment and intends to make the most of it.

If you must read the whole thing you can do so here.


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