Less Than 5% of Robberies in the UK Are Now Solved

Criminal hands locked in handcuffs. Close-up view

Breitbart has an article out discussing the collapse of in the numbers of arrests and prosecution of robbers and burglars in the UK:

Just four percent of robberies in England and Wales are solved by police, with the proportion of suspects who are caught and punished for all crimes more than halving in five years.

Since 2013, the burglary detection rate has fallen from 6 percent to 3 percent, and the percentage of robberies that were solved fell from 9 percent to just 4 percent last year, The Sunday Times reports.

The paper has mapped all the neighborhoods in England and Wales to analyse the 4.7 million crimes committed in 2017 and the proportion solved, finding that in more than 1,000 areas with at least 30 crimes, police did not catch and punish a single suspect.

Home Office numbers appear to corroborate the data, showing that less than one in ten offences leads to someone being charged or sent a court summons.

Western governments are playing with fire with these “de-policing” policies, which have caused crime to explode out of control in countries like Germany and the USA. One of the very basic tasks of a government is to provide for law, order, and territorial integrity for the people living under its control. Instead, the police are increasingly being refocused on harassing, terrorizing, and jailing government critics:

Breitbart London on Twitter

Police Defend Thousands of Hours Spent Investigating ‘Hate Incidents’ Amidst Crime Epidemic

If governments are unable to fulfill these most basic security functions, they’re going to face a huge backlash from the population. Brexit, and Angela Merkel’s struggling chancellorship in Germany, are just the beginning.


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