Smug Leftists Laughed As Otto Warmbier Died

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Leftists Otto Warmbier

President Trump credited Otto Warmbier’s death at the hands of his North Korean torturers with providing the impetus for Monday’s historic summit in Singapore. This set the Left off, and they accused President Trump of disrespecting Warmbier’s memory.

These same Leftists were singing a different tune as Otto Warmbier died, though.

I discuss the disgusting hypocrisy of the Left in today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio:

Show Notes

  1. President Trump invoked Otto Warmbier’s name during a press conference in Singapore.
    1. Said we would not have gotten here without him.
    2. Did not die in vain.
  2. Leftists erupted in outrage.
  3. What did Leftists think of Otto when he was arrested and last year?
    1. Huffpo: North Korea Proves Your White Privilege Is Not Universal
    2. Salon called him an idiot frat boy
    3. Comedian Larry Wilmore had no sympathy
    4. University of Delaware professor said Warmbier got what he deserved
    5. Affinity tweeted he wasn’t innocent
    6. Aja Barber: Do not expect black folks to cry for Otto Warmbier
  4. Leftist hypocrites aren’t allowed to criticize President Trump

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