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Leftists And Never Trumpers Sneer At Peace

Today on Trigger Warning Radio...

President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un have signed a landmark agreement to work towards denuclearizing the Korean peninsula. The two leaders also signed an agreement to return the remains of those soldiers killed in the Korean War to American soil. President Trump gained everything while giving up nothing.

That’s not good for Leftists and Never Trumpers, though. The Leftists’ reaction to the historic Singapore summit is predictable. The Never Trumpers, however, are a bit more interesting.

I’ll discuss all that and more on today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio:

Show Notes

  1. President Trump & Kim Jong Un met Monday in Singapore.
    1. Historic summit
    2. Secured a signed agreement on denuclearization
    3. Korean War remains
  2. Leftists and Never Trump react
    1. Leftists predictably bash the summit
    2. Never Trump joins in.
      1. Ben Shapiro blasted the meeting.
    3. “Legitimacy” argument.
  3. Why not give peace a chance?

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