Leftists Have Gone Completely Insane

What happens when the Left decides to do more than just protest?

unhinged leftist compilation

The Left has become increasingly unhinged and violent since Trump was elected. We saw a hint of what the Left is capable of during the 2016 campaign. Chicago and San Jose were but a taste of the storm of hate and rage brewing inside their twisted hearts.

This past weekend the Left kicked it into overdrive. They’ve taken to harassing Trump administration officials at their homes and out in public. Worst of all, Democrat leaders are calling for more harassment.

Watch the video:

There was nothing stopping those insane Leftists from dragging Secretary Nielsen out of her house and lynching her in the street. What if the mob surrounding Pam Bondi had decided to dispense a little vigilante justice? How many Leftists are going to see Maxine Waters’ rant as the call to violence that she intends it to be?

What happens when the Left decides to do more than just protest?


Written by Radius

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