Kirstjen Nielsen DESTROYS Media Immigration Lies

How well did Nielsen do?

kirstjen nielsen

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen gave a statement and took questions at the daily White House press briefing Monday afternoon. Nielsen was bombarded with ridiculous questions about children being separated from their “families” at the southern border.

Watch the video of Kirstjen Nielsen’s full remarks yesterday here:

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Listening to the questions you’re reminded of just how in the tank for the Left the media really is. Nielsen fielded a slew of questions shouted at her by outraged “journalists.” The questions ranged from the ridiculous and absurd to the patently offensive. It was clear that the media wasn’t even trying to be objective. The Leftist media smelled blood in the water, and they attacked Nielsen relentlessly. The press conference yesterday was one of the most savage I have ever seen.

That being said I thought Nielsen did a fabulous job. She laid out the facts, gave quick and concise answers to all of the questions asked, and stayed on message throughout the press conference. Best of all she kept referencing the facts that she had laid out at the beginning of the press conference. Nielsen especially did a great job making sure everyone watching knew that the vast majority of the kids being held in DHS facilities did not come with their parents.

I thought Nielsen’s best performance came when she reminded the “reporters” that DHS was simply enforcing the law that had been laid down years ago, and was simply doing what past presidents have done. What I found remarkable, though, was the fact that Nielsen managed to twist the media into demanding that the Trump administration stop enforcing the law. The entire nation saw the vaunted members of the so-called Fourth Estate rail against the Trump administration because that administration was doing the job that it had been elected to do.

Nielsen’s manipulation of the media, to me at least, seemed almost Trumpian in a way. She managed to tie the media in such knots that they forgot they were supposed to at least act like objective journalists. Whereas President Trump is a masterful brute force manipulator, Nielsen seemed a lot more delicate and subtle. I was left wondering if any of the “journalists” assembled in the briefing room even realized what had happened. I doubt it.

This was the first press conference I had seen Kirstjen Nielsen give as DHS secretary, and I have to say I was very impressed. She obviously knows what she’s doing and can handle herself very well in the shark tank that is the White House press briefing room. I also found it refreshing that Nielsen was both willing and able to defend President Trump’s decisions and stood by his tough stance on immigration. Whether she agrees with it or not (I suspect she does not), Nielsen was at least able to push her personal feelings to the side and get the job done. That’s more than you can say for many members of the Republican party.

All in all I give Nielsen a 10 out of 10. I look forward to her next performance.


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