Jack Posobiec Takes On The Q Bots

Who Is Q?

Conservative activist and journalist Jack Posobiec is well known to those of us who follow the Right side of Twitter. The One America News correspondent has proven himself to be a reliable news source for conservatives seeking something other than the party line parroted by the mainstream media. Jack’s frequent spats with Leftist “journalists” also provide hours of endless amusement if you’re into that sort of thing.

Friday, however, Jack Posobiec decided to throw a barb at the conspiracy theorists on the right by going after beloved icon #QAnon, also known as Q.

jack posobiec q
No, no…wrong Q…
jack posobiec q anon
There we go…

Posobiec decided not to pull any punches, and let fly with one simple statement impugning Q:

Jack Posobiec ?? on Twitter

Q is a larp

Those of you wondering just what the heck is Q likely haven’t been on social media of any kind since the 2016 ascension of the God Emperor to the Golden Throne of the United States of America. Suffice to say Q is…someone who posts cryptic predictions or pieces of information that sometimes turn out to be true. Essentially, Q is the Nostradamus of the modern age.

jack posobiec q nostradamus
Or is Nostradamus the Q of the 16th century?

Conspiracy theorists on the Right didn’t like the implication that their favorite conspiracy is nothing more than a 14-year-old live action roleplaying (LARPing) a super secret agent on the Internet. They let fly with some choice words at Jack.

SuperElite4KAG on Twitter

@JackPosobiec News can be considered the same way. News comes in, your trigger people, then you have riots and protests. So who’s the real LARP?

I suppose that’s true if you’re talking about the Mainstream Media.

Gina?? on Twitter

@JackPosobiec You’re larping as a real journalist.

Oh snap!

Sarianna Sherwin on Twitter

@JackPosobiec We are a larp?

I believe that was the implication, but then reading is hard. Especially a four word tweet.

moquer on Twitter

@JackPosobiec Your on the wrong side of this Jack…

“You’re on the wrong side of this, Jack.”

Fixed it for you.

❌ROCKANON❌ on Twitter

@JackPosobiec Jack who got to you? Not getting enough sleep from having a baby now? Sorry but I am having to unfollow you. Tragic actually, because you always made sense of everything…until lately!

You and I have a very different definition of tragedy, madam.

❌chief.beef❌ on Twitter

@JackPosobiec Yo momma’s A larp

Yo momma so fat when she LARPs she LARPs around the house!

Tammy on Twitter

@JackPosobiec The problem here is that people like you want the American People to be completely dependent upon the media (gag) and not engage in any free thought !!! Q gave people back hope and encouraged them to dig for the Real Truth ! I think (Yes, Think) that you should try it !!

Alternatively, Q sends people on wild goose chases and down endless rabbit holes designed to obscure the truth even further.

But then what do I know? I’m just a simple blogger.

QTPi on Twitter

@JackPosobiec Either they got to you or hacked you. Either way, I’m definitely out. Standing with Liz and Q

Who is “they?” How did “they” get to Jack? Did “they” bring snacks?

patriots fight ?? ❌ on Twitter

@JackPosobiec You need to reveal proof of what you’re saying. You’re saying it definitively with no room for debate, so prove it. If you can’t prove it then don’t say it.

Actually it’s the Q bots that have the burden of proof in this case. Provide evidence that Q actually exists and allow it to be refuted. You can’t demand proof that your conspiracy theory doesn’t exist when you yourself haven’t proven it does exist in the first place.

❌gab.ia_AreWeLivingin1984 on Twitter

@JackPosobiec @antischool_ftw Why. Why the division. Are you in danger? You know what is really up.

jack posobiec q okay

Daniel Steven on Twitter

@whiskey_ginger1 @JackPosobiec “This must not be copied from any other experience.” There’s the key. Is Q a LARP? Sure, so is Jack, and so am I and so are you. Patriotism is a known experience/roleplay – as are justice, journalism and jingoism. Regain your sovereignty from within. Q only points to the door.


❌Debe❌ on Twitter

@JackPosobiec Why do you even care? ?I believe in Q. ❤️. I learn therefore I honor. ? You? ? Have learned also from you. Hope you choose to build up patriots and not knock them down. ?

Remember my point earlier about Q leading people down rabbit holes in an effort to obscure the truth even further? That’s the danger of Q. If Q really is a LARP-and I haven’t seen evidence to suggest otherwise-then what’s happening isn’t a “Great Awakening.” What’s happening is otherwise reasonable and intelligent people are spending their energy chasing down wild conspiracy theories rather than actually trying to change the situation in this country. That’s not going to save our Republic or protect the Constitution, and it allows the Deep State and the Left to continue destroying the country from within.

The fact that most of Q’s posts are so vague as to literally be “proven” by any random event is telling as well.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to learn that Q is nothing more than a Democrat psy op designed by the Resistance to further divide Trump supporters.


Written by Radius

Radius refuses to post a bio. Website bios simply serve to prop up the cis-gendered patriarchy of the manocentric maleocracy. Also we must #Resist Trump because racism I guess.

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