Gun Control Is The Real Tragedy Of Parkland

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This past Sunday saw the 2018 graduating class of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School take the stage in Parkland, FL. It was a bittersweet moment that came four months after a psychotic animal gunned down 17 students.

Today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio discusses the real tragedy of the Parkland shooting. Spoiler alert; it isn’t the lack of nationwide gun control.

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Show Notes

  1. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School took place Sunday.
    1. 4 seniors who were killed did not attend.
    2. Jimmy Fallon spoke at the ceremony.
  2. Gun Control crowd used the ceremony to push their agenda.
    1. David Hogg wore orange cap with $1.50 tag.
      1. Protesting the NRA & Marco Rubio
      2. Hogg also recently tweeted again about his automatic NRA memberships.
      3. NRA already debunked.
      4. Proves just how stupid Hogg is!
    2. Teachers wore orange lipstick on mouths & under eyes.
      1. Money from lipstick purchases donated to Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.
  3. Why is no one talking school safety?
    1. Public is calling more and more for school safety changes.
    2. Students themselves are calling for school safety changes.
    3. Hogglodytes and the Left don’t want to touch it.
      1. They claim to be about saving lives.
      2. School safety measures that could save lives.
      3. Could be enacted today.
      4. Highlights Leftist hypocrisy.
    4. Money was donated to leftist gun control org.
      1. Why not donate to Andrew Pollack’s group?
  4. Failure to hold authorities accountable.
    1. Broward school district enrolled MDS shooter in the Promise program.
    2. Sheriff’s office visited dozens of times.
    3. FBI received numerous tips.
    4. Government failed, yet the Left refuses to hold government accountable.
  5. Shilling for gun control undermines the effort to save lives.
    1. People have tuned out the Hogglodytes.
    2. Gun control inevitably leads to confiscation and bans.
    3. Hogglodytes are simply in it for the spotlight and not serious about real change.


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