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Leftist Twits Have Somolia On The Brain


One American special forces soldier was killed and four others were wounded in what has been described as an enemy attack in Somalia. The nation’s thoughts and prayers are with the family members of the soldier that was killed, as well as the injured soldiers.

Naturally, President Trump took to Twitter to offer his own well wishes:

donald trump somolia

Did you look at that tweet and suddenly think “that’s not how Somalia is spelled?”

Congratulations! You had the exact same thought that hundreds of Twitter Leftists did.

They weren’t shy about letting President Trump know they were watching, either.

If Trump spelling a country’s name wrong triggers you…you might be a Leftist.

Seems a little harsh for a simple spelling error, but all right.

Someone looked it up on Wikipedia.


Somalia is the most beautiful place…

donald trump somolia haiti
Just like Haiti…

Potato, po-tah-toe.

Yes it does have spell check…and it’s set for maximum triggering.

Learn to spell grammar.


Isn’t it interesting how Leftists always curse worse than sailors? I guess they think it makes them look smarter or something.

Case in point.

Hold onto that hate, Tammy. Nurture it. Let it blossom.

Your hatred will make your tears that much sweeter when Trump wins re-election in 2020.


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