Why Donald Trump Was Right To Disinvite The Eagles

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The Philadelphia Eagles had been invited to a traditional ceremony at the White House that was intended to honor them as Super Bowl champions. What was to be a once in a lifetime event for 1000 Eagles fans turned to disappointment as the team decided to play politics. Rather than play along Trump disinvited them and held a different event instead.

Never Trump pundits like Ben Shapiro think Trump was wrong to do that. I’ll tell you why Ben Shapiro is wrong in today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio:

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Show Notes

  1. Trump cancelled the Philadelphia Eagles’ White House invite on Tuesday.
    1. Held a celebration of America instead.
  2. Leftists & Never Trump conservatives thought this was a Very Bad Thing
    1. Ben Shapiro said it was wrong to cancel the invite.
    2. Said Trump lied when he said they kneeled.
  3. Eagles still protested.
    1. Black power salutes during the National Anthem
    2. Never Trump ignores this
    3. Fundamentally dishonest to say they are patriotic Americans.
    4. Trump’s statement was accurate.
  4. Trump was right to cancel their invite.
    1. Eagles did a disservice to their fans.
    2. Spitefully cancelled charity work they were going to do around DC. Why cancel if they weren’t going to visit the White House anyway?


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