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Did the Deep State Kill the Kennedy’s?

I shouted out,
“Who killed the Kennedys?”
When after all
It was you and me!

–Mick Jagger

Well, who indeed?

At least that was the begged question I had after watching the Netflix paean to RFK documentary/hagiography “Bobby Kennedy for President”.

Now before certain Spartans melt down because Netflix let me just tell ya I have a top three list for zipping the wallet tight: Target, Kellogg’s & Starbucks.

If I had to pass on every business that was SJW I wouldn’t have much of a life.

You gotta picks your battlespaces and those are mine.

(Oh, and Star Wars movies but that’s just about everyone these days…)

But what I really wanted to get at was how the producers of the show go outta their way for sly conspiracy theory memes while still trying to remain above it all.

Look, I’ll give ya that the Deep State whacked Johnny & Bobby.  Hell, I’ll even give ya they were trying to whack Teddy and got Mary Jo instead.

Just don’t give me a big old eye roll when I postulate that the Eff Bee Eye & Clapper & Brennan & Muller and the other long time Deep State playas just might have a mutt in this rumble and are trying to take down The Donald.

I can stretch strands of colored string between sets of scribbled index cards push pinned to my garage door that get us from the Bay of Pigs to Marilyn’s sewn on sequins dress to the transition surveillance at Trump Tower.

Don’t doubt me.

Hell, the only reason Tricky Dick didn’t get whacked was because he opted for exile.

And when Reagan got plugged?

Don’t forget it was Deep Stater Al Haig claiming to be “in control” thereby giving Bush the Elder plausible deniability if The Gipper kacked.

Ya, sure, it’s all connected and that ain’t just what I’m told by the radio signals coming to the fillings in my molars.

My Tin Foil Hat prevents that.

Doubt me and you doubt The Mick.

What other explanation is there that Keef is still alive?


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