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Democrat Dumpster Fire Raging in Minny

Pass the popcorn!

A Donk dumpster fire is raging in Minnesota and it is a glorious sight to behold.

The fire is raging so hot that the DFL has called for second convention to douse the flames.

Following last weekend’s endorsement convention a veritable cornucopia of candidates filed to challenge the party’s picks in the August primary.

The Big One:

Congressman Keith Ellison (DFL – Minneapolistan) decided to bequeath his very safe seat to fellow Muslim one-term State Representative Ilhan Omar (DFL – Little Mogadishu).

National Democrat Vice Chair Ellison, no doubt buoyed internal polling showing A Massive Blue Wave building for November, decided to forgo a seat as a Committee Chair in the New Blue Congress come January and run a statewide race in Minny for the office of Attorney General.

Uh huh.

Ya shure.

You betcha.

Could it be that those Donk internal national polls don’t look so wavy after all, because MinnPost reports Ellison sees the AG’s office as the new home of #Resistance by way of using nuisance law suits to obstruct The Orange Hitler.

As far as Ellison’s former seat, the old school liberal DFL brain-trust has thrown in behind former state House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher.

With Ellison running state-wide and Omar running local could there be a concern about party image in the suburbs and out-state districts where that Big Ol’ Blue Wave is supposed to crest?

With all the Last Minute Filings for local and state offices via the DFL primary it certainly raises the question of just how confident and unified is the DFL, anyway?

Maybe it’s just a case of The Smart Money wanting to surf the coming Blue Wave.

Or maybe it’s a dumpster fire…


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