BREAKING: Are Republicans Firing Rod Rosenstein On Friday?

Is Mueller’s time running out?

rod rosenstein

Are Republicans planning on firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Friday?

That certainly seems to be what Democrat representative Sheila Jackson Lee thinks. Lee let that little bombshell slip during testimony on political bias at the FBI earlier today:

A move to fire Rosenstein would not be surprising. Republicans and members of the Trump administration have long criticized his handling of the Russian investigation, accusing him of bias in allowing a sham investigation into non-existent crimes to continue with little to no oversight.

Sheila Jackson Lee’s revelation comes on the heels of this little nugget of news from today’s testimony:

We’ve long known that the Mueller investigation is tainted with extreme bias that makes it impossible for Mueller’s team to be anything close to unbiased. Now the rest of the country is seeing it as well.

I’m going to make a prediction here and now: Congress will shut down the Mueller investigation before the midterms.

We’ll see if I’m right.

Update: Apparently the anti-Trump agents in question were removed from the investigation.

Wired Sources on Twitter

CORRECTION: IG Horowitz testified in Congress that the two agents who were caught sending anti-Trump text messages were removed from the Mueller probe, we deleted a tweet that suggested the two agents are currently serving on the Mueller probe.


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