Apple Tries to Get back to Quality Software After a Year of Bugs

Some of you may recall prior news items I’ve posted over the last few months detailing Apple’s sudden struggles with delivering quality software updates, in particular with the trouble iOS 11, the operating software which is the backbone of the iPhone.

At Apple’s annual developer conference, they seem to be planning to try to get back to basics:

Apple’s expected emphasis on quality follows a year in which the company’s software captured headlines for the wrong reasons.

Since September, Apple has issued 14 software updates for its mobile operating system, known as iOS, and fixed 67 software flaws—a 46% increase from the 46 bugs addressed in the same period a year earlier, according to a tabulation of Apple’s software-update notes, which offer a publicly-available snapshot of software issues.

Among the most high-profile flaws the company addressed was one that caused iPhone users typing “i” to get a character described as “A [?]” instead, and another that caused messages to display out of chronological order.

The recent uptick in software flaws reflects the challenge Apple’s engineering team has faced in recent years designing a system that works across a growing array of devices, former employees and analysts said. At the same time, Apple has introduced more complicated hardware features as it tries to differentiate iPhones and Macs from rival devices.

The battle with the bugs could jeopardize Apple’s reputation for delivering products that “just work,” said Michael Covington, vice president of product at Wandera, a mobile security firm supporting companies such as Deloitte & Touche LLP and Mazda Motor Corp.It could lead people to “question why they are paying $1,200 for a device that is no longer polished,” he said.

It’s a good question. I know I wouldn’t pay $1.200 for an iPhone.


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