Why We Can’t Find a Solution to School Shootings

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Maybe I'm just being paranoid...

On my way to the airport yesterday, I was listening to my local talk radio host, who asked an interesting question.

“Why is it that since Columbine, we have been unable to do anything to effectively prevent school shootings? Why does this seem to keep happening?”

The reason we can’t find a solution to the school shootings is because a serious solution requires a bipartisan consensus to achieve any levels of success. Republicans can’t impose a top down solution because they don’t control the government and the school system, and the Democrats (at the upper levels) aren’t serious about finding a solution and may not even really want a solution.

School shootings, in my experience, are caused broadly by four things:

  1. Shooters are usually mentally disturbed teenage males with an obsession with violence and an access to and fixation on guns. Fellow students often seem to realize there is a problem with the killer.
  2. Schools in America are soft targets. The teachers aren’t armed, the students aren’t armed, there are few to no security guards and what ones are there are usually tend to be poorly paid and incompetent, and most schools lack adequate technological security measures.
  3. The authorities often fail to do their jobs. As we saw in the Parkland shooting the school administration and police both failed act when they could have.
  4. The leftist state and federal governments refuse to punish authorities who don’t do their jobs, preferring instead to use school shootings as an opportunity to damage their political enemies. No one who failed in the Parkland shooting has faced any serious sanction. In fact, the left is defending these people. State and local authorities also refuse to make schools harder targets.

The Democrats believe school shootings are caused by four things, too:

  1. Guns
  2. Republicans
  3. Trump
  4. Guns

I wish I could say I was parodying the Democrats, but I am not. Democrats (at least the average Democrat on the street) are completely convinced the problem with school shootings and school violence in general is the existence of guns, and that if we just banned guns nationwide, all the the violence would stop.

Typically, when a school shooting takes place, the Democrats immediately climb on top of the corpses of the dead children to advocate the banning of some type of gun or gun accessory. For example, Trump was panicked into banning bump stocks after the Parkland shooting. In spite of this ban, school shootings have not stopped, which will lead for calls to further bans of more guns.

Republicans and GOP voters often try to have conversations with Democrats about reducing school violence, but these conversations lead nowhere, because the only thing Democrats want to hear is how we’re going to ban guns. Compromise isn’t possible because when the political right assents to the ban of one type of gun, the left simply moves onto the next type of gun.and always fails to keep its end of the bargain.

Actually solving the school shooting problem requires many different solutions because the issue is so complicated. It requires hardening the schools against shooters by increasing security, aggressive prosecution of school administrators and security guards who fail to take their jobs with the required seriousness, and the monitoring and restriction of access to guns by the deranged.

The only one of these above solutions that the left wants to discuss is the restriction of the mentally ill from acquiring guns, and they are only interested in this because they see it as a way to a backdoor gun ban by labeling all conservatives as mentally ill. A step was taken in this direction when doctors began asking patients if they owned a gun.

I would be in favor of actually restricting the mentally ill from owning a weapon if it weren’t clear our left-wing government would gleefully use this as an excuse to harass average law abiding gun owners while allowing the dangerous ones to keep skating (like the Parkland shooter was allowed to skate).

As I mentioned above, Parkland officials who dropped the ball have not faced any serious sanction. The school resource officer finally resigned, but he is still getting his fat pension. In fact the left has even defended these people, presumably under the idea that if these officials are punished, it will “unnecessarily distract” from the “real” issue that all guns must be banned,

It’s not possible to reach a solution when one of the two parties doing so is negotiating in bad faith and sees the slaughter of children as a great opportunity to harass and terrorize their political opponents. This is similar to how dictators such as Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela blame the country’s collapsing infrastructure on economic wars, CIA conspiracies, and the domestic oppostion rather than trying to fix the infrastructure.

The left is not a political movement, they are a religious one. They are not interested in fixing potholes and creating jobs, they are interested in social justice, saving the planet, and transgender bathrooms.

Until this mentality changes, the school shootings are going to continue because the left doesn’t really care about stopping them.


Written by Doomberg

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