U.S. Ambassador David Friedman: Media Bear Some ‘Responsibility’ for Palestinian Deaths

The mainstream media bear “some responsibility” for the deaths of Palestinians at the Gaza boundary this week, because they reward the Hamas terror group for encouraging people to attempt to breach the border.

That’s according to U.S. Ambassador David M. Friedman, who spoke exclusively to Breitbart News on the terrace of the King David Hotel the day after dedicating the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.

“If I could give a word of advice to the media, if they purport to care so much about the Palestinian cause: this coverage of Palestinians running to the fence, burning tires — it’s the fuel or the lubricant for further malign behavior,” Friedman said.

“Because to me, this is a public relations event.”

He continued: “What I don’t see, oddly enough, are the kites carrying bombs or other explosive devices painted with swastikas that are sent over the border when the wind shifts. I haven’t seen any of that malign activity [in the media]. Even apart from that, there’s a reason why Hamas sends impressionable kids to the front, telling them that the border is safe to cross. They want them to be killed or injured, to make the front page of the paper.”

The media, he said, bore “some responsibility” for encouraging Palestinian deaths by playing along — wittingly or unwittingly — with Hamas’s scheme.

Friedman also pushed back against the mainstream media narrative that the opening of the new embassy caused or provoked the violence in Gaza.

“The facts matter, and 90% of the media yesterday drew a cause and effect relation between the opening of the embassy and the tragedy that occurred in Gaza.

“Hamas will do this for any reason and for no reason. They would have done it, they were planning this independently of the embassy move. And you have people looking at the tragedy … and saying, ‘How could Israel do this?’ and ‘How could you be so insensitive?’

“And there’s a blind spot, a hypocrisy about how this happened. Hamas went and told people the border had been breached and it was clear sailing through to Jerusalem. And they send impressionable 15- and 20-year-old kids to the border … and of course in harm’s way.

“No country in the world would tolerate enemy combatants breaching its border with intention of killing citizens. Israel continues to be judged by a different standard than any other nation in the world,” Friedman said.


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