Trudeau Blames US After Immigrants Swarm Canada

Back in 2017, I wrote a post criticizing Angela Merkel and the EU for trying to force Poland to accept Muslim immigrants. Readers may recall that the current wave of Muslim immigration to Europe started when Angela Merkel threw open the floodgates and invited refugees to come to Germany.

When they did exactly that and Merkel began to face public pressure at home, she quickly began issuing peremptory demands that other EU states take some refugees to bail her out. Now Justin Trudeau, who is somehow even dumber than Angela Merkel, has repeated the exact same error despite having her as an example of what not to do.

Having invited illegal immigrants to Canada, Trudeau is now whining that it’s America’s fault that the illegals took him at his word and started to pour over the Canadian border:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has hilariously blamed the United States for Canada’s illegal immigration of asylum seekers. The announcement that the US was to blame provoked a lot of questions for Trudeau in his country’s Parliament yesterday.

Trudeau thinks the US is to blame because Nigerians are requesting and obtaining visitor visas to come to the United States.  Once in the US, they are promptly heading to an obscure, unofficial border crossing on the northern end of New York state. Once there, they cross into Canada illegally and request refugee status.

More than 26,000 asylum seekers have crossed illegally into Canada from the United States to file refugee claims in the past 15 months, walking over ditches and on empty roads along the world’s longest undefended border.

Of course, once Trudeau announced that he was blaming the US and their visitor visas for his problems,  it provoked a lot of questions for Trudeau in his country’s Parliament yesterday. People were demanding answers as to how the situation has gotten so far out of hand and what Trudeau planned to do about it. All he seemed to have for an answer is that it’s the fault of the United States.  There’s currently no plan to solve the problem Trudeau is complaining about.

Trudeau wants the legal authority to turn back thousands of asylum seekers crossing the border illegally. According to Reuters, Canada wants to amend a bilateral agreement to allow it to block border-crossing refugee claimants however, they say that the United States is not cooperating.


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