Are Tom Steyer and Pat Davis The Craziest Leftists Ever?

Yes, these two are definitely the craziest Leftists out there.

Today’s video has two of the craziest ads I’ve seen in quite a while.

First up, anti-Trump billionaire Tom Steyer decided it would be a great idea for his super PAC, NextGen America, to run an absolutely bizarre ad comparing Republicans to Nazis. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

Next is Democrat Pat Davis. Mr. Davis is a far-out radical Leftist running for Congress in New Mexico. Pat Davis evidently felt the best way to get his message across would be to run an expletive-laced ad against the NRA and the Second Amendment. You may want to have the kids leave the room for this one.

Watch both ads here:

Tom Steyer managed to imply that Republicans turned children into Nazis. Not only that, but he managed to couch it in the form of a strange anti-drug ad that felt like an after school special that no one asked for. To top it off Steyer managed to insult mothers on Mother’s Day.

That’s quite the accomplishment.

Pat Davis apparently thinks that throwing an f-bomb at the start of an ad that ran uncensored on local television is an argument of some kind. I wonder what the good citizens of the state of New Mexico thought of such audacity? I highly doubt that Davis’ brashness will translate into an electoral win.

Yes, these two are definitely the craziest Leftists out there.

This week.


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