Spotify Walks Back Censorship Policy for Some Musicians

Well that was short, Spotify walks back their politically correct gestapo censorship. Funny it had to take a black rapper — who allegedly battered a pregnant woman— to get people to demand that they stop.

Of course, no one in the accepted social pecking order will stick their necks out and ask the question: will they reinstate “white nationalist” musicians too? Since it is socially acceptable to censor those BAD PEOPLE, it seems likely that they will “forget” to reinstate them.

When it becomes socially acceptable for us to censor BAD PEOPLE because of their views, it is only a hop, skip, and a jump to defacto George Orwell territory.

Spotify will walk back the streaming service’s decision to remove artists accused of misconduct, namely the rapper XXXTentacion, from its featured playlists.

Following additional allegations against R. Kelly, numerous streaming services “muted” that singer’s music from their respective spotlighted playlists, with Spotify taking the extra step of also removing XXXTentacion, the chart-topping rapper who was previously charged with battering a pregnant woman.

While Spotify’s move was applauded in some circles, the policy also fueled censorship concerns. “Whoa. Are they censoring the music? That’s dangerous,” Top Dawg Entertainment president Punch tweeted. A representative for Kendrick Lamar, a TDE rapper, reportedly called Spotify CEO Daniel Ek to “express their frustration” over the policy, Bloomberg reports. Spotify’s industry liaison Troy Carter also reportedly threatened to leave the streaming service if the policy wasn’t revised.

Following Spotify’s new anti-hate policy, XXXTentacion’s manager provided a long list of artists with checkered pasts and criminal allegations that were not punished by the streaming services.


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