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Spencer And West: The Death Of Free Speech?

Is Freedom of Speech dead, or just on life support?

Richard Spencer’s website has been shut down by its provider GoDaddy for allegedly promoting violence against minorities. The content cited by the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law wasn’t anything that had published, but incendiary comments that were never deleted. The silencing of opposing viewpoints has been heralded by the Left as a momentous victory for the civil rights movement.

Kanye West is being blacklisted and blasted on social media for his comments about the slavery of the mind infecting the black community. Several sponsors have faced pressure from the Left to drop Kanye West. Now a Detroit radio station has blacklisted all of his music. Rather than engaging his ideas the Left is doing their best to silence a black man simply for speaking his mind.

Are these two events heralding the death of free speech? That’s the topic for today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

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