Dixon High School Shooter Thwarted By Hero With A Gun

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dixon high school shooter

Wednesday was almost a tragic day for the students at Dixon High School in Dixon, IL. A former student walked onto campus with a gun intent on recreating the Parkland massacre. Fortunately this attempted attack was stopped by a hero with a gun.


This incident and so many others prove we need to have a national conversation on school safety, but the Left only cares about banning guns.

I’ll tell you why in today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio:

Show Notes

  1. At 8:00 AM Matt Milby brought a gun to Dixon High School in Dixon, IL.
    1. Milby had recently been expelled & returned to campus with a gun. Shades of Parkland.
    2. Resource Officer Mark Dallas exchanged fire with Milby.
    3. Milby was wounded & taken to the hospital.
    4. No students injured. Officer Dallas was not injured.
    5. Officer Dallas is a hero.
  2. Nothing in the Mainstream Media about the shooting.
    1. Once again good guy with a gun stops the bad guy with a gun.
    2. Remember the Maryland shooting?
  3. Proves that the only way to protect students is with armed guards.
    1. Increase SROs in schools.
    2. Armed guards at points of entry.
    3. Arm teacher volunteers.
      1. Teachers apply each year.
      2. Priority given to former LEOs & military.
      3. Psychological screening. Weed out any teachers w/discipline issues.
      4. Teachers are dispersed randomly throughout the school.
    4. Physical security
      1. Hardened doors.
        1. WI student invented device that secures classroom doors.
      2. Bulletproof glass.
  4. Left refuses to have a real conversation about school safety.
    1. Continue to push gun control narrative.
    2. Not about safety, but about restricting citizen’s rights.
    3. Left will turn citizens into disarmed subjects who cannot resist.
    4. More kids will die. The Left is happy to sacrifice them.

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