Is School Safety Drowning Out Gun Control Cries?

Something changed after the Texas school shooting.

school safety gun control

The aftermath of any school shooting is almost always filled with cries for gun control. Leftists focus on the weapon rather than the perpetrator of the crime. Typically we see calls for gun bans and demands to punish law-abiding citizens.

Something changed after the Texas school shooting last week, however. We saw fewer Leftists pushing the gun control narrative and more normal Americans demanding common sense approaches to school safety instead.

Today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio focuses on several states working to make schools safer for all children.

Show Notes

  1. Several steps toward school safety being taken around the country.
    1. Seminole county, FL school safety summit.
      1. Law enforcement & school officials met to discuss safety measures.
      2. Panic button
      3. Discussed physical security measures such as bullet proof glass & removing some entrances/exits
    2. Seminole & Polk counties ban backpacks last week.
      1. Effective immediately on all campuses.
      2. Cuts down on disruptive items.
      3. Makes it harder to sneak weapons onto campus.
    3. Florida had already passed a school safety bill after the Parkland shooting.
      1. Provided additional money for school safety and mental health resources.
      2. Mandated a school resource officer in every school.
      3. Also enacted gun violence restraining orders.
    4. Minnesota legislature working to pass a school safety bill
      1. Earmarks $28 million for improvements to physical school safety such as bulletproof glass & doors.
      2. Gov. Dayton & Democrats want gun control measures included, but Republicans have said that’s a non-starter.
    5. Delaware senator Dave Lawson introduced bill to create $65 million school safety fund.
      1. Money would be earmarked for safety related projects.
        1. Would come from the $100 million budget surplus DE is experiencing.
      2. Schools must station armed guards at each entrance in order to be eligible for the money.
        1. Guards must be in addition to school resource officers.
        2. Schools would pay for the personnel cost, but state picks up large portion of the other costs of each school.
        3. Envisions using veterans as security guards.
      3. Lawson consulted with security & construction professionals as well as parents.
      4. Modeled his plan on Israeli school security.
  2. Just a few examples of states attempting to address school safety.
    1. Indicates that the conversation has shifted.
      1. Post-Parkland the focus was on gun control. Despite the fact that:
        1. Parkland shooter had been visited dozens of times by local law enforcement.
        2. Warnings were ignored by the FBI.
        3. Government failed.
      2. Post-Santa Fe the focus is on school safety.
        1. Conservatives are becoming more vocal advocates for school safety.
        2. People are realizing that gun control will not stop school shootings.
        3. The gun control nuts are starting to be drowned out by Republican lawmakers and parents.
      3. Prediction: the conversation will continue to shift to school safety measures.
        1. More and more states will pass bills implementing practical school safety measures.
        2. Safety measures can be enacted immediately or over the summer while students are out of school.
        3. Lawmakers and parents will want to prep schools before the 2018/19 school year begins.
      4. What can people do?
        1. Continue to confront Leftists about school safety.
          1. Leftists refuse to discuss school safety for the most part.
          2. Ask Leftists why they refuse to take basic steps to protect kids.
        2. Parents need to become proactive.
          1. Find out what your school’s safety plan is.
            1. How will they handle an active shooter?
          2. Visit school board meetings.
            1. Demand to know what the district is doing to prevent/respond to an active shooter situation.
            2. Ask why they won’t implement practical school safety measures if they refuse to do so.
          3. Talk with lawmakers.
            1. Ask what they’re doing to protect the students in their district.
            2. If they support gun control, get them to state what measures they think will prevent school shootings.
        3. Above all be proactive and stay active. Nothing will change without your input.

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