Rudy Giuliani Tells Sean Hannity ‘There Was No Russian Collusion’ – Makes Bombshell Announcement in Stormy Daniels Case

A twist revealed in the Stormy Daniels payment

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Sean Hannity, host of the Fox News program “Hannity,” released an exclusive interview Wednesday involving President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani.During the interview, the Fox News host asked Giuliani questions over the ongoing legal drama that is gripping the media involving the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into alleged Russian collusion with Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

After Sean Hannity brought up laws being broken and the FBI’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s investigation, Rudy Giuliani attacked Hillary Clinton’s criminality, “I know you’re very disappointed you didn’t win, but you’re a criminal,” he told Hannity. “Equal justice would mean you should go to jail.”

Rudy Giuliani also flatly stated that the alleged collusion between Russia and the Donald Trump 2016 president campaign did not exist. After stating that the United States now has a two tiered justice system – referring to the special treatment Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton received from the FBI – Sean Hannity posed a question to Giuliani, “The crux is we have a two tiered justice system, the President’s right when he says witch hunt?”

“Sure, you can’t explain this any other way,” Giuliani answered. “First of all, there never should have been an investigation, there was no Russian collusion.”

“We are now a year, two years into this, no Russian collusion. Case over,” he added.

Giuliani then added that the investigators broke numerous laws in their zeal to investigate President Trump, “In falling all over themselves to investigate him, they have committed numerous violations.”

The Giuliani Bombshell Admission

MSNBC and other networks picked up on the admission by Giuliani that Donald Trump paid his personal lawyer Michael Cohen back for his $130,000 payment to “hush” Stormy Daniels up about her claims that Trump slept with her around the time Baron Trump was born in 2006.

The media is attempting to play the reveal by Giuliani as a “gotcha” moment for President Trump, where earlier this year he was asked aboard Air Force One about whether he knew about the Cohen payment to Daniels. Trump responded flatly to the question with “No.”

Trump also claimed that he did not know why Cohen had made the payment or where the money was obtained for the payment.

Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell were reviewing the admission and then questioned whether this was “prepping us” for an admission that there were a “gazillion Stormy Daniels” and that Michael Cohen paying off the women was just a matter of course.

Watch the exchange:


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