Reuters, CBS Polls Show the Generic Ballot Nearly Even… Paul Ryan: It’s Time to Break out the Amnesty Bills!

Reuters has this buried sixteen pages down in their poll release, the closest the generic ballot has been for the Republican and Democrat parties in months. The Republicans in their poll are only point behind the Democrats and are in fact ahead of them with independents by a point. Republican voters haven’t quite come around to backing their congressmen as much as the Democrats have done in the past year. CBS is finding similar readings in their own polls.

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Since the trend is becoming too positive, the globalist scum in the Republican leadership has decided now is the perfect time for a blatant attack with their secret weapon: an illegal alien amnesty enthusiasm nuke.

The loud and proud Republican globalists have decided they are going to make one final push to tamp down the growing enthusiasm of Republican voters. They obviously cannot have them voting to keep Republicans in power to support President Trump and defeat Democrat impeachment efforts. That would mean Trump would still be in office, and every day that man remains in power is intolerable and an affront to the Deep State supporting Republicans.

So the deal here is that a small minority of Republicans —nearly the same amount every time one of these bills is threatened to come to the floor— are planning on voting with every Democrat to pass an amnesty bill over the wishes of the majority of the rest of the party and the voters.

Because Speaker Paul Ryan has not brought any DACA bill to the floor, some House Republicans are teaming up with House Democrats to bring a DACA measure to the floor through a discharge petition. If 218 members of the House sign this petition, it will go to the floor. If Democrats unanimously support the discharge petition, they will need 25 Republicans to support it, too. As of this writing, 17 Republicans have signed on to the petition (and that’s just on Wednesday). This discharge petition has significant dangers for the Republican caucus — and for the center-Right on immigration.

This petition would bring a DACA fix to the floor under “queen of the hill” rules: It contains multiple versions of a DACA bill, and the version with the most votes passes. Dara Lind offers a summary of the four options:

  • The Goodlatte bill (temporary status for DACA recipients plus stepped-up enforcement and legal immigration restrictions)
  • The DREAM Act (a path to citizenship for DACA recipients and other DREAMers, with no enforcement trade-offs)
  • The USA Act sponsored by Hurd and Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA) (quicker legalization for DREAMers with limits on sponsorship of parents once they become citizens, with some border provisions but no money for a wall)
  • A fourth bill, up to Paul Ryan to decide.

Whether by design or not, this “queen of this hill” structure almost certainly kills the Goodlatte bill: Under the rules for this bill, the legislation with the most votes becomes law. Goodlatte’s bill is likely to get few, if any, Democratic votes. The stand-alone DREAM Act is also unlikely to get the most votes, but this bill has almost no chance of passing the House to begin with. (The fourth bill is an unknown.)

A lot of these votes are coming from the Republican establishment wing that is retiring.

Rep. Ryan Costello on Twitter

Signed discharge petition today. We can send the President a serious proposal that addresses immigration, including a permanent solution for those here under DACA, which I believe is an essential aspect of the appropriate path forward on this issue. More:

But there are some that are just plain old Democrat snakes. Like Mia Love for instance, who wants to not only grant amnesty to illegal aliens, she wants to curtail the power of the Trump White House to fight against illegal aliens.

Rep. Mia Love on Twitter

I’m not giving up on doing the right thing for #DACA recipients. #utpol #DischargePetition

What is ultimately going to happen? We shall see if (presumptive next House Speaker) Kevin McCarthy is able to stop Paul Ryan and the others. Of course, Republican voters may instead get to see a sneak peek of what to expect from a McCarthy speakership.


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