Report: Kelly Sadler accuses Mercedes Schlapp of leaking

Infighting in the White House over leaking has become ugly, Axios reported on Monday.

Kelly Sadler, who is a special assistant to the president in the White House Office of Communications, accused her boss, White House Director of Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp of being one of the major leakers in the White House.

She made the accusation directly to President Donald Trump when she was in a small meeting in the Oval Office that included only herself, Schlapp, the president, White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah, and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, although the door to the room was open.

Trump had called the meeting shortly after word leaked that Sadler made insensitive comments about Sen. John McCain, who is suffering from brain cancer. Trump said Sadler would not be fired for her comment and added that he was no fan of McCain, but that his real concern was knowing who the leakers were.


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