National Security Adviser Bolton: NKorea Summit Still Likely

National Security Advisor John Bolton

National Security Adviser John Bolton says he’s confident President Donald Trump’s upcoming planned summit with Kim Jong Un will occur despite rumblings from North Korea that it might cancel.

“Preparations for the meeting continue and the president is determined here to try and test this out,” Bolton told Brian Kilmeade on Fox News Radio.

“It’s one reason I thought that having a relatively quickly scheduled meeting once the North agreed to it rather than one that drags out for six or nine or 12 months’ worth of preparation made a lot of sense.”

North Korea says June 12 powwow may not happen if Washington continues to demand that it unilaterally abandon its nuclear weapons – a condition Trump says he is sticking to.

Bolton is also not surprised at North Korea called him “awfully sinister” for saying Libya’s decision to denuclearize during the George W. Bush administration is a model for U.S. policy on North Korea.

“It’s nothing new …[In 2003] the North Koreans objected to my characterization of Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un’s father, as a dictator and other things. They called me human scum. They called me a bloodsucker. They said I was a very ugly fellow. So I kind of get used to it,” he said.


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