Melania Trump Is “Doing Really Well” Despite Leftist Attacks

The “tolerant” Left at its finest.

melania trump left attacks

First Lady Melania Trump was hospitalized Monday morning for surgery to treat a benign kidney condition. According to doctors the surgery went very well, and Mrs. Trump was said to be resting comfortably. Melania was well enough yesterday for a visit from her husband, President Trump.

Earlier this morning President Trump provided Americans with an update on the condition of their beloved First Lady:

Most Americans were overjoyed to hear that Melania Trump was doing well. Many Americans had responded to the news of the First Lady’s hospitalization with expressions of love and admiration, as well as more than a few prayers.

The Left, however, took this as yet another opportunity to attack the Trump family. After all, Melania is the wife of the Literally Orange Hitler who usurped the rightful position of the First Woman President Ever.

Leftists also felt the need to offer their opinions on the status of the relationship between the President and First Lady. The Left also offered a few “helpful” suggestions as to what Melania needed to do.

You’re right. Real men post insults based on unverified accusations on Twitter.

Of course, each and every one of these Leftists is conveniently ignoring the fact that the allegations against President Trump are coming from a porn star using her newfound fame to cash in and catapult her back into the adult spotlight, and a shady lawyer whoring himself out to every Leftist news show that will have him.

Nope, nothing suspicious there!

The “tolerant” Left at its finest.


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