Make America Great Again Triggers Maxine Waters

What do you think of when you hear “make America great again?”

maxine waters make america great again

What do you think of when you hear “make America great again?” If you’re like the Americans who voted for President Trump, or the 60% that approve of the direction the country is heading, the slogan conjures up images of a prosperous and free country where men and women of all ages and races can follow their dreams.

If you’re Maxine Waters, you think it’s a racist message spoken by the adherents of the white supremacist creed spouted by Literally Hitler in order to keep you and your people oppressed.

Rep. Mike Kelly spoke those hateful words “make America great again” during the course of a rather lively debate on the House floor last week. The Scream Queen Maxine Waters didn’t like that one bit, and her resulting meltdown would put the rage of an autistic toddler to shame.

Let’s watch:

My fervent wish is that the Democrats decide to put Maxine Waters on the ticket for 2020. The sheer insanity of it would ensure a landslide victory of epic proportions…for President Trump that is.


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