It’s the Economy, Stupid: Trump Success May Propel GOP to 2018 Victory

One of the persistent problems the Democrats have is their unwillingness/inability to focus on “bread and butter” issues like putting people to work. The Democrats are mostly concerned with nonsense like transgender bathrooms, the environment, and social justice, something which only a very small portion of Americans actually cares about.

Because Trump is busy trying to put people back to work, the voters are happy with him:

Democrats are growing worried that the strong economy, and President Trump’s messaging about his economic stewardship, will help Republicans in this year’s midterm elections and have an even greater impact in 2020.

Even as signs point to Democrats winning back the House, the party is concerned that their hopes of a blue wave could turn into something smaller if Trump and the GOP are effective on their economic messaging ahead of November.

Interviews with more than a dozen Democrats suggest a number of people in the party are worried that Democrats aren’t doing enough to provide a counterargument.

“It’s a very big concern,” said Democratic pollster Celinda Lake. “The economy is the No. 1 issue out there for people and right now Trump has a very aggressive economic message that seems to cross traditional party lines to voters.”

“Our biggest challenge in the midterms is you’re going to have a waterline on the economy and unless you’re able to articulate a theory of the case, you’re going to be dependent on where that waterline is,” said Chris Lehane, a Democratic strategist.

“Democrats right now, we’re going up to bat and we’re not even looking to hit,” Lehane added about the messaging. “We’re hoping to get hit by the pitcher so we can walk to first base.”

The left isn’t going to be able to articulate a message on the economy other than “SCREW ALL THOSE RICH PEOPLE” because most of them don’t care about the economy and don’t have the slightest clue about how an economy works. All you need to do is look at Venezuela for an example of how the left thinks about the economy.


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