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Fish Story

What goes together better than peanut butter & jelly?

Well, according to the Huffington Post, women & fish.

May as well just cut to the chase here:

Time for the easiest game of “if you loved this movie, read this book” ever: If you loved “The Shape of Water,” a movie about fish sex, you should definitely read The Pisces by Melissa Broder, a book about fish sex. The cover literally shows a woman in an amorous clinch with a fish; the novel actually tells the story of a woman who has a torrid love affair with a merman.


But The Pisces and Guillermo del Toro’s Oscar-winning “The Shape of Water” also seem to have arrived during an inflection point for heterosexual relations, as some straight women have thrown their hands up in despair at the prospect of dealing with straight men.


Apparently women need fish more than fish need bicycles.

And guys, no carping aloud…

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