Watch Donald Trump’s Full Speech At The NRA Convention

Here is President Trump’s full speech for those who may have missed it.

President Donald Trump spoke at the NRA’s annual convention Friday afternoon. Despite his recent dabbling in some light gun control, President Trump managed to connect with these defenders of the Second Amendment, and was interrupted by chants of “USA! USA! USA!”

Here is President Trump’s full speech for those who may have missed it:

Some highlights from the speech:

  1. President Trump pledged to defend the Second Amendment as president, and declared that gun rights come from God, not the government.
  2. President Trump thanked rapper Kanye West, and credited him with the rise in support among the black community in the last few days.
  3. The president heckled John Kerry during his speech.
  4. President Trump invoked the Texan battle cry of “come and take it.”

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