Did Obama’s DOJ Place an FBI Spy in Trump’s Campaign?

Almost a year ago, on May 17, 2017, I wrote that…

“The latest Liberal Act of Desperation concerning the attempt to remove Donald J. Trump from the Presidency is to attempt to somehow equate the nonexistent “Crimes” of President Trump to the Break-in at the Watergate Hotel and the resulting threatened Impeachment and subsequent resignation of President Richard M. Nixon.

As my 10-year-old grandson says,

Seriously, Grandpa?


Early in the morning of June 17, 1972, several burglars were arrested inside the office of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), located in the Watergate building in Washington, D.C. This was no ordinary robbery: The prowlers were connected to President Richard Nixon’s reelection campaign, and they had been caught while attempting to wiretap phones and steal secret documents. While historians are not sure whether Nixon knew about the Watergate espionage operation before it happened, he took steps to cover it up afterwards, raising “hush money” for the burglars, trying to stop the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from investigating the crime, destroying evidence and firing uncooperative staff members. In August 1974, after his role in the Watergate conspiracy had finally come to light, the president resigned. His successor, Gerald Ford, immediately pardoned Nixon for all the crimes he “committed or may have committed” while in office. Although Nixon was never prosecuted, the Watergate scandal changed American politics forever, leading many Americans to question their leadership and think more critically about the presidency. (courtesy of”

As it is turning out, G. Gordon Liddy and his crew were amateurs compared to the Obama, Hillary, the DOJ and the FBI.

Remember in March of 2017 when President Trump said that he found out that Obama had Trump Tower, “bugged” in the weeks leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election?

Now, it turns out that President Trump did not know the half of it.

On Friday, Kimberly A. Strassel posted an article in the Wall Street Journal, exploring the possibility of an FBI Spy being embedded in the Trump Campaign Staff. Here is an excerpt:

The Department of Justice lost its latest battle with Congress Thursday when it agreed to brief House Intelligence Committee members about a top-secret intelligence source that was part of the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign. Even without official confirmation of that source’s name, the news so far holds some stunning implications.

Among them is that the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation outright hid critical information from a congressional investigation. In a Thursday press conference, Speaker Paul Ryan bluntly noted that Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes’s request for details on this secret source was “wholly appropriate,” “completely within the scope” of the committee’s long-running FBI investigation, and “something that probably should have been answered a while ago.” Translation: The department knew full well it should have turned this material over to congressional investigators last year, but instead deliberately concealed it.

House investigators nonetheless sniffed out a name, and Mr. Nunes in recent weeks issued a letter and a subpoena demanding more details. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s response was to double down—accusing the House of “extortion” and delivering a speech in which he claimed that “declining to open the FBI’s files to review” is a constitutional “duty.” Justice asked the White House to back its stonewall. And it even began spinning that daddy of all superspook arguments—that revealing any detail about this particular asset could result in “loss of human lives.”

This is desperation, and it strongly suggests that whatever is in these files is going to prove very uncomfortable to the FBI.

On yesterday’s program, the Godfather of Conservative Talk Radio, Rush Limbaugh, made a very good point about this new revelation and the Congressional  Inquiry into the whole matter.

The DOJ/FBI has been stonewalling  [Congressmen Nunes and Gowdy] on the basis that if they reveal the information, lives could be lost, national security implications. But that’s not why. Just as we’ve learned that the other redactions were simply to cover up embarrassing behavior — by the FBI, by Comey, by McCabe — the odds are here that they’re simply trying to withhold the information from Congress because it’s clarifying! Not because lives are at stake.

Now, Nunes and Gowdy are due back up at the DOJ next week to further the, quote-unquote, “negotiations” to see what they have wanted to see for months that they have been refused. It was yesterday Paul Ryan backed up their request by saying it was “highly appropriate.” When Ryan did that is when the DOJ agreed to take the meeting with Nunes and Gowdy. But the original reporting was that Nunes and Gowdy had been shown this redacted material.

They have not yet been shown that. That, hopefully, will happen next week. The FBI does not want to share it. The DOJ does not want to share it. They’ve been stonewalling on this even under subpoena for months. You can understand why. They’ve hired a spy here! The Obama DOJ hired a spy to spy on the Trump campaign! It’s obvious why they don’t want to give this up. Now, I need to correct myself on something about treaties so this same guy doesn’t call back from yesterday and say he’s embarrassed.

So, the DOJ and FBI do not want Congress and the rest of the nation to know just how covert, seditious, and downright vile the actions they took against the Trump Campaign actually were.

Putting a covert operative into the upper echelon of a Crime Family is one thing. Using the DOJ and FBI to spy on the opposition party’s Presidential Campaign from the inside is another thing entirely.

This whole distasteful Machiavellian machination proves just how low the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party were willing to go to hold on to their power in order to protect the 44th President’s legacy and to continue the descent into Democratic Socialism which they and Obama began,

The question remains:

Who was that spy?

Whoever it was should be tried to the fullest extent of the law and should be grilled until they go into detail about the whole operation and name every perpetrator involved.

…Including Former President Barack Hussein Obama and Former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

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