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BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani Says Mueller Will Not Indict Trump

This is a developing story.

Rudy Giuliani has told Fox News that special counsel Robert Mueller has said that he will follow Justice Department guidelines and will not seek an indictment against President Trump.

A 1999 memo issued by the Justice Department laid out the precedent that a federal prosecutor cannot indict a sitting president. Giuliani has said that Mueller has no choice but to abide by that precedent.

Rudy Giuliani has also said that Mueller’s team has failed to respond to five different requests for information, forcing President Trump’s legal team to delay making a decision on whether or not Trump would meet with Mueller. Giuliani said that the team had expected to reach a decision by Thursday.

“This case is essentially over,” Giuliani said in his statement to Fox News. “They’re just in denial.”

This is a developing story. We’ll bring you updates as they happen. Expect extreme amounts of wailing and gnashing of teeth from Leftists across America.

Update: This article originally stated that Trump’s legal team would make a decision on meeting with Mueller by Thursday. The decision has actually been delayed. The article has been corrected.

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