BREAKING: President Trump Says Regime Change ‘Via the Libya Model’ is on the Table With North Korea if they Refuse to Make a Deal

Kim Jong Un had better decide soon what route he would like to take with the United States, President Trump seems to have made up his mind.

President Trump just stated that the “Libyan model” where the dictator Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown and killed with —United States assistance— might happen with North Korea if the government does not make a deal, according to White House Correspondent Saagar Enjeti with the Daily Caller.

Saagar Enjeti on Twitter

@POTUS said the “Libyan model” of taking out Gaddafi might happen with North Korea if they dont’ make a deal

Hardball: President Trump has essentially declared that North Korean decapitation and regime change is back on the table if they do not come to the table and make steps to denuclearize.

Saagar Enjeti on Twitter

@POTUS basically just said regime change is on the table with North Korea if a deal is not made

North Korea is leading the United States diplomats to think that they are still intending to meet with the United States, acting “as if nothing happened,” according to the president.

Steven Portnoy on Twitter

NEW: “North Korea’s actually talking to us about times [for the meeting] and everything else, as if nothing happened,” Trump tells reporters.


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