April Ryan Says Melania Trump Isn’t Culturally American

This…is CNN.

april ryan melania trump not american

First Lady Melania Trump debuted her “Be Best” initiative earlier this week. The program has the admirable goal of reducing bullying among children both online and offline. “Be Best” also marks the First Lady’s first official initiative.

Naturally, CNN contributor April Ryan decided to attack Melania Trump for daring to try to make the world a better place.

A couple of things here.

First, we’ve been constantly told that President Trump cyberbullies everyone he meets. Trump is such a cyber bully he’ll bully people he hasn’t even met yet. Each and every Trump tweet leaves behind scores of bullied people in its wake. Trump’s tweeting is so bad it should be considered a war crime! That’s what we’ve been told since Trump first announced his campaign for President of the United States of America.

Who exactly has Trump bullied? That disabled reporter he (allegedly) made fun of during the campaign? The reporter started attacking Trump first as I recall. Plus that was live and in-person, not over the Internet. Bullying itself something that’s habitual or repeated. Trump’s mocking of that reporter was a one-time thing.

Ted Cruz’s wife? You might recall Trump’s attacks on Heidi Cruz’s looks at a particularly tense moment during the Republican primary. Again, however, it was Donald Trump responding to attacks on his wife from a pro-Cruz super PAC. Attacks which, by the way, went on for weeks before they were finally denounced by Ted Cruz and his campaign.

John McCain? Senator McCain may have served in Vietnam and endured years of torture, but McCain used up any goodwill he had among conservatives long ago. John McCain’s status as a war hero counts for exactly nothing today. Ask any red state voter what they think about John McCain and they’ll simply spit on the ground and walk away.

Again, John McCain is the one who began attacking Donald Trump during the campaign. McCain has also positioned himself squarely against President Trump and his agenda because…well nobody really knows why. Maybe the tumor ravaging McCain’s brainpan ate up what little common sense he had left. Perhaps he’s just an ignorant, mean old cuss who spends his free time screaming at kids to get off his damn lawn. The only reason anyone on the Right is being nice to him is that he’s dying. John McCain will be forgotten as soon as he shuffles off this mortal coil.

Does President Trump bully the millions of butthurt Leftists who have to look at his tweets every day? Sorry snowflakes, but being constantly reminded of what a loser your First Woman President is does not qualify as being bullied. Put on your big girl panties, suck it up, and move on with your lives.

Any logical person who looks at the facts will realize that Trump isn’t the bully in this picture. Trump is the one being bullied. Each and every day President Trump is forced to endure constant attacks on his character, his intelligence, and even his family. No one Trump loves is safe from the wrath of the bullies on the Left, not even Trump’s young son Barron. Trump isn’t one to submit to bullies, however, and he gives just as good as he gets. That’s what gets under the skin of bullies like April Ryan.

The second point I want to bring up here is April Ryan’s vile attack against Melania Trump. Melania has been in this country for over 20 years. She became a permanent resident in 2001, and a naturalized citizen in 2006. Melania Trump is an immigrant who came to America, built herself up from nothing, and became the First Lady of the United States. Plus, Melania married rich. What part of her personal story is not American enough for Ms. Ryan?

Then there’s the implication that the fact that Melania Trump didn’t grow up in America means she can’t really understand a complex issue such as cyberbullying. There’s an attempt to backtrack, of course, by framing it as an international issue, but the implication is still there. The idea that one cannot understand an issue from an American perspective without having lived in America their whole lives is incredibly dismissive and insulting to every immigrant in this country. Legal immigrants such as Melania have made every effort to assimilate into American culture and make this country their home. To dismiss them as unable to understand America because they may not have grown up here is the height of smug Leftist elitism.

I would say I’m disappointed, but why should I expect anything different?

After all, this…is CNN.


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