Anti-Trump Shooter Opens Fire At Trump National Doral Golf Club, UPDATE: Suspect Identified

CBS says “motives unclear.”

The gunman who opened fire at the Trump National Doral Golf Club is loaded into an ambulance after being shot by police.

Police in Doral, Florida responded overnight to an active shooter at the Trump National Doral Golf Club. At around 1:30 AM police received a call about a man yelling anti-Trump statements who was found “actively shooting” in the lobby of the resort. The man exchanged fire with police, and was wounded and taken into custody.

One officer was injured when he sustained a broken wrist during the shootout, however no one else was wounded. The shooter was not identified. CBS News reported that the shooter’s “motive remained unclear” despite the fact the man was yelling anti-Trump statements.

The shooter reportedly used a semi-automatic handgun, and was shot multiple times in the lower extremities. Police believe that he had attempted to lure law enforcement officers to the scene, as a fire alarm was set off prior to their arrival at the resort. The gunfire began before the officers arrived at the Trump National Doral.

The gunman reportedly had also draped an American flag on the lobby’s front desk.

Local police, officials from the Department of Homeland Security, and the Secret Service were all on the scene Friday morning. Officials from the FBI were also involved in the investigation.

The Secret Service confirmed in a statement that agents from the Miami Field Office were on the scene, however they did add that  “no protectees were in the Miami region at the time of the incident.”

The Mainstream Media will memory hole this story without ever reaching a conclusion as to what the shooter’s motive might possibly have been. The Left will smirk and chuckle and dismiss the horrified reaction from normal people as “right wing nutjobs worried about Literally Orange Hitler.” There will be no calls for gun control, no midnight vigils, and certainly no thoughts and prayers for President Trump or the people that were endangered at the Trump National Doral.

This idiotic tweet is a perfect summation of the reaction that the Left will have to this incident:

The fact of the matter is this shooting was potentially an act of domestic terrorism. A man walked into a target that was chosen specifically because of its affiliation with the Trump brand, shouted anti-Trump statements, and began shooting. I’ve long talked about how the Left is becoming more and more violent because of the rhetoric pushed by the Democrats and the Mainstream Media. No doubt this man believed he was a patriot standing up to the Russian usurper planted in the White House.

The nation will see more of this violence. You thought 2016 was bad?

Just wait until the 2020 election season begins in earnest.

Update: The shooter has been identified as 42-year-old Jonathan Oddi, a Doral resident.

Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez spoke with Miami radio station 610 WIOD this morning and confirmed that Oddi was yelling anti-Trump statements, although the exact words were unclear. Perez also confirmed that Oddi had draped an American flag over the front desk.

“This guy was ready for war, he was waiting for our officers to come in,” Perez told the radio station.

Yet his motives were unclear.


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