And the people danced and sang. And joy spread throughout the land. And they were happy.

“It’s just an incredible joy. It feels like we’re at the start of a whole new era for Ireland. It’s just absolutely incredible.”

-Unknown Irish Man

What was the Irish man talking about? Why was he so joyous and happy? Because Ireland just voted to overturn the 8th amendment to their Constitution that banned abortion. Yes, he is happy because children can now be legally murdered in the womb.

Watch this video here:

Do you see it? The outright glee and joy? Search YouTube for ‘Ireland Abortion’ and see the many videos. All tragically the same. Thousands upon thousands of people in the streets. Singing and dancing. You would have thought a great war had ended. In essence, I guess there was an end to a battle. But in this case, people didn’t sing and dance to celebrate life and stop a senseless killing. They sang and danced that they could now end life. They sang for the ability to kill. Perhaps the most telling scene. . . mothers holding their children openly wept for joy at their new-found right!

Pro-abortion forces have been insidious in the ways they frame this issue. They brainwash the masses in the only way they know how. They make someone a victim. They tell the woman that it is Patriarchal Society imposing their will on them. That women can’t make their own decisions. That they are inferior and stupid. They use words like “Equality” and “Oppression” to frame their arguments and to explain their joy. In reality, they shackle the weak-minded with words of victim hood. All the while never admitting the ultimate truth. A life is gone. Gone for the most selfish of reasons. The strongest emotion and force in life, that of a mother to protect her child, has been removed from the minds of millions. All by using words. It may indeed be the most incredible trick of the mind ever foisted on humanity. Just tell her she is a victim. That she has no Liberty. . . and she will fight to kill.

The killers also like to remind us all that a fetus is “Just a clump of cells.” For the record, there is no such thing as a ‘clump of cells’ when discussing a developing fetus. A person who uses those words to justify abortion at an early stage is only showing you how ignorant they are. Starting at conception, a new life follows the plan of DNA and develops accordingly. There is no blob or clump. Every stage is merely the body developing and doing what it will continue to do, even after birth. We all follow a known and incredible blueprint, every cell exactly where it is supposed to be. The only “clump of cells” I am aware of are cancerous ones. Cells that mutate and invade the body. Cells that kill. In their round about way, they equate the fetus to a cancer that must be excised. Insidious indeed.

The number of Countries that now ban abortion outright are drastically shrinking. Only a handful really. But one thing is true across the board, when God is removed from society, death surely follows.

I pray to God that He forgives these people. Forgives us all.

Jack Crabb

Written by Jack Crabb

Jack Crabb is a nine-year Navy Veteran and resident of the Piedmont area of Central Virginia. He makes his way in life through hard work, personal responsibility and a desire to live in a simple way. He enjoys cooking, shooting, working on cars and most of all, enjoying time with the love of his life.

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