The American People Can’t Stop Laughing At Nancy Pelosi

Drain the swamp?

america laughing nancy pelosi

Dementia-addled Democrat “leader” Nancy Pelosi has hit upon her party’s winning strategy for the 2018 midterm elections and beyond. In fact, Pelosi was so excited that-after ensuring her Depends were snug and secure-she took to the steps of the U.S. Capitol in order to proclaim that the Democrats, under her leadership, would begin draining the swamp.

No, seriously:

Nancy Pelosi seems rather confused to me. She doesn’t seem to realize that not only is her party the main one in charge of the swamp, she also made this exact same vow in 2006. Back then Bushitler was in charge, and the Republicans had spent the better part of ten years mucking around with the Democrats’ plans to enact their socialist utopia full of minorities and illegal immigrants. Democrats under Pelosi quickly set about doing everything except “draining the swamp.” It didn’t work for her then, and it won’t work for her now.

Still, something must be done. Despite the best efforts of the Democrats and the media to paint him as history’s biggest monster, Trump’s popularity has steadily climbed. Rasmussen consistently has President Trump sitting at or around a 50% approval rating, and even left-leaning polls have seen a consistent rise. Two-thirds of Americans believe the country is heading in the right direction. Most notably, the Democrats’ advantage on the generic ballot has completely vanished.

Things are not looking good for the Democrats in 2018, much less in 2020. If they think they can win by trying to out-Trump Trump then I say more power to them. Personally, I’ll enjoy watching them have to explain their new “America (Sort of) First” agenda to their frothing, rabid base.


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