Ambassador Richard Grenell Triggers A German Reporter

Their tears are delicious.

President Donald Trump made the decision to withdraw the United States from the awful Iran deal that Obama had “negotiated” back in 2015. President Trump has also indicated that a harsh new round of sanctions similar to those imposed on North Korea may be incoming for Iran.

The American ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell took to Twitter yesterday to warn German companies about these incoming sanctions. Grenell also provided some helpful advice for German companies that were currently doing business in Iran.

Sage advice for those who want to do business with a country who has repeatedly violated not only Obama’s Iran deal but also the sovereignty of its neighbors in a bid for regional hegemony. That didn’t sit well with Sebastian Fischer of Spiegel Online, however, who tweeted his distaste for such advice.

With all due respect, Herr Fischer, Ambassador Grenell wasn’t making that call. Ambassador Grenell took it upon himself to warn German companies about the impending sanctions against Iran. These sanctions would target any company that does business with the despotic regime. This could possibly include German companies as well. Hence the polite suggestion that these companies get out of Iran before they are hit with massive penalties.

The rest of Twitter, it seems, understood Grenell’s tweet as a strong suggestion rather than an order. Trump supporters from around the world took the opportunity to call Fischer out on his ridiculous tweet.

Actually 1941 through 1945, but the sentiment is appreciated.

Generally, it’s a safe assumption that journalists lack all basic knowledge to function in the real world. That’s why their journalists, after all.

You know what the best part of President Trump nuking Obama’s Iran deal is? All of these triggered Leftists across the world that think they know how to conduct U.S. diplomacy better than we do.

Their tears are delicious.

donald trump liberal tears
So sweet…


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