Why Nasim Aghdam Will Be Forgotten By Friday

I have a theory…

youtube shooter friday

On Tuesday afternoon an as yet unidentified woman walked into YouTube HQ in San Bruno, California, and opened fire. When the dust had cleared four people had been injured, and the shooter herself was dead by her own hand. The Left immediately attempted to use this shooter to push for gun control, however, the media has not yet released any details of the shooter.

I have a theory as to why, and a prediction as to how soon the YouTube shooter will be forgotten.

A woman named Nasim Aghdam has been identified by authorities as the YouTube shooter since this podcast was recorded. Apparently, Aghdam was an extremely unbalanced individual with a vendetta against YouTube for demonetizing her videos.

The analysis I presented still stands, however. Nasim Aghdam is definitely not someone who fits the Left’s profile of a mass shooter. In fact, the extreme anti-speech policies and monetization requirements of YouTube may have been her primary motivation. She will be forgotten as quickly as possible by the Left.


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