What Happens When You Ask Trump A Stupid Question?

No wonder the entire country calls them Fake News.

trump macron stupid question

President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron held a joint press conference Tuesday afternoon as part of the first official state visit to the White House. During the conference, the two world leaders fielded questions from the American and international press. ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl thought it would be a great idea to ask Donald Trump about Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels.

President Trump let Karl know just what he thought of such a question:

There are dozens of subjects that Karl could have chosen to ask President Trump about. Iran. Syria. Preventing terrorism, for example, would have been an especially poignant subject given yesterday’s events in Toronto. Instead, Jonathan Karl chose to embarrass himself and the entire nation with a garbage question about a garbage subject in a garbage investigation that’s done nothing but waste taxpayers’ time and money.

I’d say Jonathan Karl should be ashamed of himself, but the members of the Mainstream Media aren’t capable of shame.

No wonder the entire country calls them Fake News.


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