Why Is Trump Attempting To Crash Our Planes?

Let’s just roll with it.

donald trump plane crash

An engine on Southwest Flight 1380 explodes Tuesday, killing one woman, injuring several others, and terrorizing nearly 144 passengers and 5 crew members. Thankfully the supremely skilled pilot was able to land the plane before the situation became worse.

Mere hours later, another Southwest flight departing from Nashville is forced to turn around and return to the airport after hitting a bird. Thankfully no passengers or crew were injured in this incident.

Wednesday saw a Delta flight departing Atlanta forced to make an emergency landing after one of its engines started smoking. Again, thankfully no one was injured in this latest incident.

The one question on everyone’s mind is, of course, why on Earth is President Trump trying to crash all these planes?

Oh sure there are other more rational explanations out there. Mechanical issues, sheer coincidence, the curse of an angry Voodoo priestess. To the Left, however, Donald Trump is Literally Hitler. All negative energy in this world swirls around The Donald’s hairpiece like an angry, orange vortex pouring forth from some forgotten Dragonball Z villain who never made it past episode three of the first series.

So let’s just roll with it.

Did President Trump piss away much-needed funds that were previously set aside for airplane maintenance and anti-bird initiatives on gilded swimming pools for the brownshirts manning his ridiculous Wall?

Has Trump opened a cyber backdoor that allowed Russian agents to worm their way into our aircraft systems like a parasite infecting an unprotected swimmer in the Amazon River?

Is the Secret Service launching covert false flag operations on orders on high from Q and 4chan in an effort to distract the public from Comey’s book, Stormy Daniels’ covertly recorded sex tape, and the sense of dread and madness that will only continue to grow as Nibiru inches ever closer to the apocalypse?

Whatever the explanation, one thing is absolutely certain: the only way to end this string of disasters and save humanity’s very soul is to impeach President Trump.


Written by Radius

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