Travis Reinking Proves Gun Free Zones Are Murder

Travis Reinking shows why we need to ban gun-free zones

travis reinking gun free zones

Lunatic Travis Reinking walked into a Waffle House in Tennessee wearing nothing but a jacket and a rifle. When he ran out 4 people were dead, and 4 more were injured. The Left is busy trying to spin Reinking’s rampage as another reason for banning guns.

I say Travis Reinking shows why we need to ban gun-free zones:

  1. Waffle House shooting incident by Travis Reinking
    1. Walked into WH naked & killed 4 people, injured 4 more
    2. Brought down by James Shaw Jr.
    3. Escaped & remained on the run for 44 hours before police caught him today
  2. Reinking’s history
    1. Believed Taylor Swift was stalking him
    2. Arrested outside WH in 2017 for trying to set up meeting w/Trump
    3. Guns were confiscated, dad gave them back
    4. One gun confiscated was used in the shooting
  3. Reinking illustrates failure of gun laws to prevent shootings
    1. Every law the Left wants was applied
    2. No law could have prevented this
  4. Conversation needed on Gun Free Zones
    1. 98% of mass shootings since 1950 took place in gun free zones
    2. Fosters three bad attitudes about guns
      1. Guns themselves are dangerous
      2. Lack of guns keeps people safe
      3. Demonizes gun owners
  5. Gun free zones must go. Allow the people to protect themselves
    1. What if James Shaw Jr. was armed?

Written by Radius

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