The Donks Have a Winning Strategy With the Conor Lamb Gambit

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

The Donks have hit on a very smart and so far proven winning gambit in their strategy of running Veterans with “conservative” messages in red CD’s.

Conor Lamb won the special election in PA using that formula and it works.

See Salena Zito’s post on the strategy here.

Actually, the Conor Lamb Gambit was first the Tim Walz Gambit and the Minnesota DFL used  it to perfection to win the very red (R+5 to +8) 1st CD which is rural and runs from Wisconsin to South Dakota along the Minny/Iowa southern border.

It’s a district that is tailor-made for the GOP and they punted it away a few years ago when the DFL picked Walz, a Veteran, a teacher and an “aw, shucks” kinda guy.

In one of the greatest stealth campaigns of all time, he beat an incumbent GOP congressman and he’s since been re-elected over and over.

Walz is mega-liberal in DC but plays it close to vest when in the farm towns that make up the district.

Walz is so liberal that he is one of only three DFL congressmen to vote for Trump’s impeachment.

The other two were Betty McCollum from St. Paul and Keith Ellison from Minneapolis.

So yeah, The Conor Lamb Gambit works and it works damn well.

The GOP can ill-afford to run the usual party hack mutts against folks like Walz and Lamb.

But they will.



Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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