Tesla Can’t Go a Week Without Bad Headlines

While I am quick to praise Elon Musk’s SpaceX, his electric car company Tesla just can’t seem to get it right with the auto industry, and is in hot water with the state of California over workplace safety:

Tesla is already under scrutiny because of its uncertain financial outlook, troubles producing a new model and safety questions about its driver-assistance technology.

Now it is coming under fire on a new front: workplace injuries.

California’s job safety watchdog said Friday that it was investigating a recent incident at the automaker’s factory in Fremont that left a worker hospitalized with a broken jaw.

It said the man, a 30-year-old millwright employed by a subcontractor, had been hit by a skid carrier, a piece of equipment used to move a vehicle through the assembly process.

Earlier this week, a nonprofit news organization, the Center for Investigative Reporting, cataloged a series of injuries suffered by Tesla factory workers. They included back strain, repetitive-stress injuries and severe headaches that one worker attributed to fumes from an adhesive. The article said that Tesla’s injury rate exceeded the industry average in 2016 and that the company had chosen not to report certain incidents as required under California labor law.


Written by Doomberg

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