Sparta Report

Saturday Night Open TRIGGERED Thread


For the Grammar Nazis

funny english exam grammar nazi

Goodwill signage, NO RETURN’S

funny Goodwill Bad Grammar


Days Inn Bad Grammar funny

Pie’s and Burgers! YUM!

It’s get Better

Mind You’re Own Business

funny bad grammar mind your own business

funny if your a grammar nazi

For the hopelessly obsessive compulsive disorder sufferers, AVERT YOUR EYES!

funny annoying ocd photo

Oh my God… that corner!

funny annoying ocd photo

What a nice displ… OH MY GOD!

funny annoying ocd photo mustard

Someone did it wrong… or ran out of colors…

funny annoying ocd photo floor

Yum… chips.

funny annoying ocd photo bag opened incorrectly

Egg organization tips.

funny annoying ocd photo egg ordering

M&M sorting, GONE CRAZY!

ocd m&m funny

For the social justice warriors, prepare to be triggered!

two genders signing pepe meme

Two dollars, two genders.

two genders meme funny

Third wave feminists???

For everyone else, Canada’s first effeminate gay prime minister!

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