Rush is right: President’s Pardon Pen is the way out for Trump

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On Tuesday’s show, Rush Limbaugh pointed out that firing Mueller would bring far more negative consequences than not firing him would, and that there’s a really good reason NOT to fire Mueller:

RUSH: Robert in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You’re up first today, sir. It’s great to have you here with us.

CALLER: Thank you. Thanks for having me on. Dittos to you. I’ve been listening to you for years.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: My comment is I think Trump really needs to go ahead and fire Mueller. His support rating is up. A lot of people also are tired of the witch hunt. The ratings for that is up, that everyone sees that this is nothing but a witch hunt. I think there might be some backlash, but in the long run I think he will keep his supporters, and I think it’ll help him.

RUSH: There’s one big reason not to do this. I’ll give you a few seconds here to see if you come up with what it is.

CALLER: Well, I know the Drive-By Media would just have a field day with it. The Democrats, of course, will say that there is collusion because he’s firing everybody. But I believe his support base will stay, and I think he may get even more higher ratings only because people are so fed up with the witch hunt.

RUSH: Well, that all might happen, but the investigation would not end. Mueller would be replaced. If he fires Rosenstein, the investigation does not end. They’ll just find somebody to replace Rosenstein. If he fires Sessions, the investigation will not end. The objective is to stop this. The objective is to end this. And firing the prosecutor and firing his staff — well, I don’t know if that would be included in firing Mueller. If he’s gotta fire Mueller, he’s gotta fire the 16 people that work for him, fire Rosenstein, these people are gonna be replaced.

It’s like in the NFL, somebody gets injured, next man up. It would not stop the investigation no matter what. And in addition, there would be the media cacophony that you refer to. I mean, it would be a shrill — it might be worth doing just to see that, just to see the media in unison completely, totally lose it. But they would lose it in giddiness and happiness, because they believe it would be the end of Trump. Because they believe it will cause his supporters to begin to doubt him, that he is trying to hide something.

Trump supporters want Trump to win this. Trump supporters want Trump to beat this back and humiliate all these fakers trying to run him out of office with bogus charges. And simply firing the people at present running the investigation is not gonna stop the investigation.

And on Wednesday’s show, Rush emphasized the power of the Pardon Pen for President Trump:

I got two more here. And these are related to the point that I made yesterday that the real thing Trump could do, if he wants to stop this, is start pardoning people. If you really want to stop the investigation, if you want to stop the distraction — because, look, this investigation is bogus to begin with. It’s an investigation into Trump colluding with Russia to steal the election. It didn’t happen. Am I broken record on this or what? The only collusion is with the Hillary camp and the DNC and the Russians.

So this thing is a gigantic distraction. And it has one purpose, and that’s to get rid of Donald Trump. Firing people doing the investigation is not gonna stop the investigation. It’s just gonna transfer it to other people and probably extend it, because whoever replaces whoever gets fired has to start from square one getting up to speed. Firing these people is not gonna accomplish anything. But pardoning the people who have already copped a plea or are on trial soon or who are under investigation, you pardon people, that’s how you shut this down.

The media would go bat crazy, of course, but they’re already bat crazy each and every day. How much more bat crazy can they get? And they probably can. But at least you stop the thing that is aimed at bringing you down. And you take those people and you force them to start taking you out in different ways. You’re not gonna stop the establishment trying to take you out if you’re Trump. But you can stop this particular effort, this investigation in its tracks.

So having said that, here’s Dan Abrams. Dan Abrams used to be on MSNBC. He’s a lawyer. He’s the son of Floyd Abrams, noted First Amendment expert and lawyer. His website is Mediaite. Got a couple of others. He’s on Good Morning America today with the Clinton war room staffer George Stephanopoulos. And they’re getting worried about this because Stephanopoulos said to, “Do you think Trump would try to pardon Michael Cohen?”

ABRAMS: I think that if Michael Cohen’s indicted, it’s not a question of if President Trump pardons him; it’s a question of when. I think that Michael Cohen is gonna feel very safe that if and when he is indicted, he will be pardoned either before the trial or after the trial, but at some point.

RUSH: Now, wait a minute, now. If he’s indicted. How many years is that down the road? Nobody’s in a hurry here. In fact, I would suspect that the investigators, everybody involved in trying to take Trump out is gonna try to tell get multiple weeks out of the raid alone. We may not hear another thing about this raid for a long time because of course they’ll have to sift through all the attorney-client privilege information, and they’ll have to determine which they can see and which they can’t see. And it’s gonna take a lot of time. It’s gonna require a lot of lawyers. And we may not hear any more about this other than leaks for a month or two.

An indictment? Cohen? We not gonna be anywhere near an indictment in this case anywhere this year! Unless the indictment is a week before the election. But Trump can pardon the guy any time he wants. Don’t have to wait for an indictment. I’m pretty sure. Let me double-check that. Here’s Kimberley Strassel making my point that I made yesterday. She’s on Fox News Channel Happening Now today, Jon Scott. This is right before noon today.

STRASSEL: I think the question that has to be asked is would it be helpful rather than counterproductive to go ahead and fire anybody in this train, and I cannot see in any situation where that would be the case. If you fire Jeff Sessions, he still has Rod Rosenstein who he’s been very critical. Firing Rod Rosenstein would cause an enormous uproar on Capitol Hill, likely in the Senate. And firing Bob Mueller, as Senator Rubio said, would simply result in another special counsel, who would finish the work.

RUSH: Right. Finish the work, but have to start at square one getting up to speed. “I don’t know what this case is really all about,” the new special counsel would say. “I only have media reports, I can’t go on that so I gotta go in –” And they just start it all over. Firing people, absolute wrong thing.


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